And I’m off to India…again

Today I’m flying to India for the fourth time in the past 3 years. I love India like no other country, but I have been wanting to see other places (hence my recent Indonesia trip). I feel like I can spend my whole life in India and it still won’t be enough. I would see and photograph only a tiny part of what’s there. But that’s a big part of the attraction. I keep getting sucked inJ. I have a private workshop to teach, but I guess I just need any excuse.

For the first time I will not have an extended plan before I get to the country. I will spend Diwali in Junagadh (Gujarat) the hometown of my great friend Hardik. I left my motorcycle with him after my last trip, figuring that he could get some good use out of it for a few years. Well, I am back sooner than I expected and will deprive him of it. My wife and I will probably ride towards Bikaner, Rajasthan. I haven’t been there yet and since the workshop takes place in Rajasthan too it’s a good chance to see that area. Ooh, the joy of riding on the Indian roads again! Over the years I’ve embraced the chaos and now I think I feel more stressed in a car in Sydney, everything feels too orderly.

The workshop will go on for 17 days and nothing seems to be concrete after that, great but potentially disastrous from the standpoint of productivity. I have plenty of ideas for stories to shoot though, so I don’t think being unproductive is my biggest threat. India here we come again…


For those interested in what gear I’m taking:

I am only an occasional gear freak. For most part I don’t care what I shoot with, or what tools I use, as long as they do what I want them to do. However I do last for the 5D MKII.

Canon 5D (well the new one ain’t out yet!), Canon 24-70mm f 2.8, Sigma 20mm f 1.8

Self explanatory…I  think.

Canon 580 EX II Flash + ST-E2 Trasmitter along with a portable softbox from Photoflex, as well as a while bunch of gels.

These really got a lot of use during my last Indonesia trip. It’s great what you can do with a flash and whatever that is becomes even better when it’s an off camera flash. Thanks to my wife Tanya for holding it in the most awkward of situations.

Two 8GB cards and a bunch of 2GB and 1GB cards. Two portable HDDs 250GB and 160GB, I like Seagate. I have not replaced my broken Hyperdrive Color Space. It was one great gadget, if only it could withstand hits against a concrete floor. One banged up old Dell laptop. I am proud of how much use I have gotten out of this thing. Still does most of the work I need and even seems to withstand the hits against a concrete floor.

Timorese elder by the fire, taken with the help of a transmitter an off camera flash, a gel and a softbox.

Timorese elder by the fire, taken with the help of a transmitter, an off camera flash, a gel and a softbox.


8 Responses to “And I’m off to India…again”

  1. gee Says:

    hi there! excited to see what you post on your blog! i’ve never been to india but lived in pakistan for 7.5 years…yay for travel!

  2. MayFlowers Foundation Says:

    Congratulation , great blog, great job


  3. Willy Says:

    I am anxious to see more of your work. I really enjoyed your gallery images. What wonderful expressions you captured.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. pixelatedimage Says:

    Safe travels, my friend. Wow us with your photographs when you get back – can’t wait to see them…

  5. Glen Goffin Says:

    Mitchell, I can’tthank you enough for this blog and for sharing how you made these truly breathtaking images. I’ve learned more than I could possibly tell you. Just knowing that you use flash units with gels is a treasure to me. What amazes me about your images is how wonderfully ambient the lighting is and yet each shot is beautifully crisp and clear. HOW DO YOU DO IT!?!!! LOL. Thanks again so much.


  6. Glen Goffin Says:

    oh … PS … is 70mm REALLY your longest lens? The 5D is FX so that really is 70mm, right?

  7. Sumod Says:

    Haha…. after riding in India.. all other places feel boring, and not happening… really nice blog… 🙂

  8. Amit Says:

    beautiful images..and very good blog..m very much interested in travel photography and India is the place of colours where you can take most memorable pictures..would like to view more of your works..

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