First post and welcome to the blog

I’ve been contemplating this for a while and at last I have entered the world of bloggers. The final push was my journey around Indonesia. I regretted not being able to share the amazing experiences and the many lessons in photography, travel and life that one encounters on the road.

I want this blog to serve a few purposes. Obviously it is a ‘place’ for friends and family around the world to see what I’m up to, but I hope that it can also be a somewhat valuable resource for fellow wanderers, photographers or even armchair travelers.

Some of the questions regarding the technical/practical side of photography will also be answered here. I am often asked something along these lines – What lens did you use? How was this lit? How did you get access? Periodically I will post an image and provide an insight into what was involved in making it.

Feel free to comment, interact and ask more questions. I will do my best to respond any time I am near a connection.

3 Responses to “First post and welcome to the blog”

  1. Peter Pham Says:

    Congratulation on the blog. I have been following your work both on Flickr and your website. Outstanding and awesome images you produce. Glad to see you now have a blog too, looking forward for your travels insight. Thanks

  2. Enver Larney Says:

    So you are a pretty good writer as well…The parallel between our gigs is frightening. Good luck over there…I will follow this BLOG and maybe get one myself…I miss India man, have been there five times….it’s sort of in my blood you know?
    I am selling (firesale) five paintings at USD 1000 each in order to get some cash….let me know if you are interested. Take it easy over there…Is that the bike that you had over there, you talked about? She looks like a real goer. Do you ever read this tripe? Indo was a blast, I had a really good time completing 22 canvases.

    Cheers mate…enver

  3. Karine Ardault Says:

    I first went to your website when i saw your portfolio in LensWork. at the time, you did not have a blog. I am happy I went again today and found your blog.
    I have been considering your workshop… hmm, I will write to write you e mail about this…

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