Lazing Around in Goa

goa-cowWe’re in Goa, in Arambol to be exact. The beach is nice and the rock formations at the North end are striking. People come here from all over the world for a dream holiday, many stay for weeks, months even. Tanya and I are getting a little bored after two days. Maybe the adventures and unpredictability of our travels make everything seem bland by comparison. Maybe we simply don’t feel right in places like this. There is a mixture of dreads locks, piercings and tattoos in all imaginable places, local fashion adapted in Western ways and some wacky individuals that simply defy any descriptions. It all makes for a great people watching experience, but after a while; how much splashing in the sea and people watching of this sort can one take? Maybe we’re spoilt by the beaches of Australia or maybe you need to be on something to get ‘stuck’ here for long. Some places in Goa are well known for drugs, I’m not into them and feel uneasy when people right in the middle of the street offer me hash and cocaine. This happened when we stopped to check out Anjuna (the place famous for the Wednesday flea market) offers started pouring from every direction as soon as we got off the motorbike. I’m kinda glad we are staying in a place where the stuff doesn’t seem to be the dominant topic.
Yesterday we visited Panjim, a town much more to my taste. Full of atmosphere, Portuguese architecture, bright colors and very importantly, unlike the beach villages, where everything revolves around tourism, Panjim has a life of its own. That’s what I look for as a photographer and Panjim is the place where I’d like to stay for a few days, only problem is the price hikes for accommodation at this time of the year in even the most basic places. We’ll see whether we’ll find something suitable in the coming days. In any case we want to gradually make our way down South and continue on to Kerala, with stops at places we find interesting. For now I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with lazing around on the beach. We did just have one of the more pleasant evenings in recent memory; watching a group of musicians randomly get together on the beach and listening to them play the tabla and the didgeridoo to the setting sun.

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One Response to “Lazing Around in Goa”

  1. sasha Says:

    I would like you to take me next time with you.

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