Digital SLR Photography Magazine


A real quick post. As you can see above, my image is on this month’s cover of UK’s Digital SLR Photography Magazine (well actually it’s next month’s issue, but it’s out now, go figure). It seems that ‘cover people’ like to flip my images, this is the second time my photo was flipped to accommodate the text. Oh well, the pleasant feeling of seeing your work on the cover of a publication you really like, far outweighs any frustration.

In the same issue there’s a 12 page feature on my work and some text about my photographic adventures around India. I guess it’s fitting that they put it in the “Photo Adventures” section.

You can obviously buy the magazine in UK and I have also seen it at a few News Agents in Sydney (it will probably get here in a few weeks though).


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7 Responses to “Digital SLR Photography Magazine”

  1. Ankur Says:

    “Kutch Diamond” is one of your finest shots and deserves to be a cover.

  2. Dave Says:

    Congratulations on the cover Mitchell!

    How do you promote a travel story after you get back from a trip? Do you use an agent or do things yourself?


  3. wilsonian Says:

    How cool is that? Yay you!

  4. Gomez Says:

    Nice work Mitch!

  5. Sandy Says:

    Well done Mitch! That’s so awesome. You should be really proud 🙂

  6. Nabaz Anwar Says:

    I go get the magazine. 🙂

  7. Francesco Gallarotti Says:

    Congratulations… Even when flipped the image “Kutch Diamond” retains all its beauty… that’s a picture that has nothing to envy to Steve McCurry’s “Afghan Girl”.
    I wish I was in london to be able to buy a copy…

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