A blast from the past.

happy group

Well, again it’s been much too long since my last post. I’ve been busy – yes. But I did have a few ideas that I wanted to share here. Unfortunately my ideas for posts often take very long to cook up and when they do, they sometimes start morphing into something completely different.

I have many things on my plate at the moment. There are several things I’m working on  at once – one of them is another e-book. This one is going to be on lighting for travel photographers and those on the move. It’ll cover the use of off camera flash, reflector and of course natural light. The e-book will be similar format to “Understanding Post Processing” in that I will break down how certain images of mine were created. But there will be more examples, diagrams/illustrations of light set ups and lots of explanations. I’m pretty excited about it, but more on that in the coming days (or weeks).

The post from the beginning of the month “Some words to aspiring travel photographers” seems to have struck a chord with many and as I was sorting through some images from Indonesia, I came across photos from that ferry I mentioned. The one packed with goats, chickens, furniture, dry fish and lovely fellow passengers who chain-smoke and continuously spit on the floor.

And so, rather than bore you with a half-thought-out blog post, I leave you with images taken on the morning of our 16 hour, overnight ferry ride from an island called Lembata to one called Alor. The photo at the top of the page is obviously of the fellow passengers who didn’t impress me much with their smoking and spitting. I guess the image doesn’t do them “justice”.

anxious passengers on bags of dry fish

transporting an armchair

transporting couches



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6 Responses to “A blast from the past.”

  1. Jeroen Berkenbosch Says:

    Ah another e-book! Sounds promising, the subject too.

    Looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Mark Olwick Says:

    Hi Mitchell,

    That e-Book will be a “must-buy” from me. Exactly what I need. Thanks for taking the time to produce it.

    Mark Olwick

  3. Jeffrey Chapman Says:

    I hope that you scored a seat on one of those couches for the trip!

  4. Mitchell Says:

    Jeffrey: I wish. I was on one of the mats on the floor, next to the bags of dry fish 🙂

  5. Brock Says:

    Perfect topic for your next e-book Mitchell — I’m really looking forward to it.

  6. photography websites Says:

    Thanks for your info. This blog is useful.

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