“Color” Magazine Excellence Award Winner


Some of my images (8 over six pages) from Rajasthan should appear in this month’s issue of “Color” – a magazine from the same people who publish “B&W ”. I won some sort of excellence award (along with 15 other people) and while I don’t know what  this actually means, I thought I’d share the news nevertheless.

The publication seems like a really good idea, but geez, their website really needs to get with the times! “B&W” can occasionally be pretty darn good, so if this is anything like it, then please buy the issue and tell me what you think. I believe it’s available in the US, don’t know where else.

A featured article with my photos and an interview should also appear in the September 19th issue of “Amateur Photographer” – one of the longest running photographic publications in the world. By the sound of it, they’ll even include my website details! That will be a first in a long time. “Amateur Photographer” is available in the UK and Australia, that I know for sure, perhaps it’s also available in the US.

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9 Responses to ““Color” Magazine Excellence Award Winner”

  1. Marcel Says:

    “I won some sort of excellence award (along with 15 other people) and while I don’t know what this actually means”.

    I like your statement. Very ‘artist’, kind of ‘oh, they bestowed that on me, I didn’t ask but I’ll see…”. It means that: 1- This was a contest, so you has to actively enter photographs as a submission to be considered. 2- You look like a jerk by dumping now on the publishing group’s website, since you checked it before entering the contest. 3- It may be time for you to get a reality check. You may start by quitting basking in the loathsome sycophantic comments left by admirers on your blog (and by other bloggers a la Duchemin with whom you trade praise). You are arguably a good photographer, but your head is swelling.
    And if you don’t like this type of comments, make your blog private. A public blog invites public comments.

  2. Mitchell Says:

    Marcel, thank you for the comment, but if you don’t like the blog, don’t read it. 🙂 I’m not forcing you to.

    1- Forgive me, but I’ve become a bit cynical of late. When I get a random email from the magazine saying “You’ve won!” along with 15 others for this section and however many more people for other sections, well, I feel like great, I’ve won, but if there are so many winners and so many sections; what does it all mean? How’s one section different from another and so on? There are no explanations in contest rules about that and since there was an entry fee to enter the contest, I’d like to know whether I can get some sort of “return”.

    2 – I’m not dumping on their website, simply stating a fact, they are behind times. A quality publication should have a quality website. Simple.

    3 – “loathsome sycophantic comments left by admirers on your blog” Why waste your energy and criticize someone on his own blog? And why would you insult my readers? Aren’t there so many other, better things to be doing instead of reading a blog of somebody with a “swelling head”, who is only “arguably a good photographer”? I think I miss the point of it all. And what’s wrong with praising the work of photographers you respect, we constructively criticize each other too, but with so much negativity all around us, I don’t see the reason to as you say “dump” on anyone on their own blog.

    Anyway, thanks for your input, I guess I now know that some people are rubbed the wrong way by what I blog about. I’m not against your type of comments; I just don’t see the point of them. If you feel you have anything else to add, please do.

  3. David duChemin Says:

    Mitchell – Don’t sweat @Marcel. You’re an honest, good person who’s not afraid to be authentic and transparent. As for syncophantic? Amusing. There will always be people whose presumption outweighs their kindness.

    Marcel – Mate, you need to relax. Mitchell is a friend. I admire his work and who he’s becoming as a photographer. I think it’s appropriate to praise and encourage friends who do work we admire. If you don’t like his work, fine. If you don’t agree with me, fine. But presuming upon the motives of my encouragement is small-spirited. I think if you knew either of us in person you’d know we’re somewhat self-deprecating people who strive to be better than we are at what we do, and help others do the same. Sounds like you need to find different blogs to read. Or maybe you’re just having a bad day. Either way, time to take a breath.

  4. Jeffrey Chapman Says:

    I love that “a la Duchemin” line as well as the idea of a praise exchange. Actually, I thought that’s what Flickr was. Anyhow, congratulations Mitchell on winning whatever it is that you’ve won. Winning is better than losing, but great photography often does both. I’d insert praise about your photography here, but I’m afraid that Marcel would then belittle me and criticize my appreciation of your work; so I’m definitely not going to tell you that I like it. Really, I’m not. I’ll leave that to those of the a la Duchemin mindset. (I think that’s some kind of Vancouver vision cult!) But I can say that your work doesn’t suck. (Marcel, was that too much praise?) Oh, screw Marcel; you’re work’s great Mitchell. Keep it up. (David, do I get to join the cult now?)

  5. Mitchell Says:

    Thanks for the “praise” David and Jeff. 🙂 In reality, there were a few reasons I blogged about this:

    I was curious whether someone knew more than me about the contest or had seen the images in print. (I found out via twitter that a couple of people did see them). It’d be great to get the mag, but that hasn’t been offered to me so far.

    I wanted to share the news with the readers of this blog and I also wanted to let them know about the competition. If through discussion it would be revealed that the competition is something worthwhile (the one for B&W was very much so, for me) then the readers of the blog could keep it in mind and perhaps enter next year. That’s how I often find out about competitions or ways of getting published – through blogs.

    My somewhat cynical approach should inform those who want to enter the same contest about what to expect after being “one of the winners” – so far it’s nothing more than a few images in print. I would certainly like to know what to expect before paying my entry fee for a competition.

  6. david duChemin Says:

    @Jeffrey – Sycophant!

  7. Craig Ferguson (@cfimages) Says:

    I was going to offer my congratulations but that’d mean I’d be a sycophant. So consider this my non-congrats 🙂

    I think I’ve seen that magazine here in Taiwan in one of the import bookstores. I’ve definitely seen B&W so I’ll look out for it next time I’m magazine shopping.

    @David – You know you’ve made it when your name gets used in an a’la phrase. Congrats to you too (of the non-sycophantic sort naturally)

  8. Francesco Gallarotti Says:

    First I read your post and I found your tone so “you”. One thing I learned to appreciate about you through our conversations on Twitter was how honest you were about things and I loved when I saw you bashing on their site (yes it’s pathetic and shows how stuck in the print world they are, whoever they are).

    Anyways I was going to congratulate you for these two pieces of good news and then my eye fell on the first comment by Marcel and all the replies by you, Jeffrey, David and Craig… One sentence struck me: “[…] other bloggers a la Duchemin with whom you trade praise”. This is actually one aspect of the whole blogging / twitter community that has been bothering me A LOT recently.

    I even got to the point of “unfollowing” most of the people who I find to be simply exploit the system to promote their workshops, publications, image, brand and name without bringing any added value whatsoever to the community and ignoring requests for help and advice. I am not going to make names in public but I am sure they know who they are… and believe me, they are the majority of pro photographers on Twitter. And this is a the thing that, in the end, will make me stop using Twitter at some point in the near future, I am positive.

    But then I think of all the good soul that are out there, pros and non-pros who actually go the extra mile always exceeding my expectations sharing their ideas and advices…

  9. josh mitchell Says:

    must agree on the color mag website thing, i cant find an image i saw in the
    mag at bookstore yesterday.! Look, can u help, i may be your image,
    It is a cactus shot and digital flavored if i remember. I have a client who is looking for a cactus shot for nice home. anyway, thanks and i really enjoy your work. JM

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