Back from my hiatus


Hi folks! Wow, it’s been about 3 months since my last post. I realize that posting once every 3 months is a great way to lose most of my readers, but hey, what can I say, I haven’t had much writing left in me lately.

The thing is, I had undertaken a pretty big project. In collaboration with The Digital Photography School I’ve written another eBook, this time on Travel photography. That’s a pretty darn broad topic, so naturally it took me a while to get the whole thing done (though longer than I expected). In the process I just really didn’t have the energy to write anything on my own blog, nor did I take any photos. I don’t know how the heck guys like David duChemin (at manage to blog a few times a week, but then again even he has been pretty sparse of late, due to all the traveling.

I also have to update all of you who applied for the “Join me” trip on a motorcycle from Bali to the tribal villages of Flores. Sorry to say, but it ain’t happening this year, nor is the other private photo workshop. I’m kinda surprised by how much interest these generated, since I never actually advertised them anywhere, nor even blogged about them. In any case, I think I’m most likely going to stay away from the face to face, non-virtual workshops for the next couple of years. I just feel like I want to use my time on the road to educate myself for now, to keep taking my own photography to the next level. Nevertheless, I’ve put a lot of my knowledge into the Travel Photography eBook, so if you’re hungry for knowledge, if you want to know how I do things, it’s definitely worth checking out, stay tuned here and on the Digital Photography School site this week to find out more.

As I mentioned, I haven’t done any photography or at least no significant photography since I’ve been back in Sydney. So that’s about 4 months without doing any meaningful photo taking. Such is the nature of this way of business/lifestyle – you take photos for months and then you work on them for months, so that you can actually get them out into the marketplace or in front of the public.

I recently finalized a contract with Corbis Images, so now I’ll be represented by two of the world’s “favorite” stock photo agencies. This means more work sorting through the images and that’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Now to some fun news, I hope to begin adding video content to this blog starting from my next journey. It’s something that I want to make a big priority in the not too distant future. It’ll be a mixture of adventure/travel videos and some behind the scenes stuff, which will hopefully be educational for all the aspiring travel photographers or for just anyone curious about what happens on such trips, how the photos are actually created.

Ok, so that’s about all for today. I’ll be blogging regularly again. To all of you who haven’t forgotten about me – thank you. To all those who have – I hope that you’ll find the new content of this blog interesting enough to come back.

For now I leave you with an image from a Ukranian magazine “Digital Photographer”. They did a pretty long story on my travels and images a couple of months back. The whole thing is kinda funny because they interviewed me in English (easier for me than Russian, though I speak it) and the way they translated what I said made me sound much more intelligent than I actually am, or perhaps more well-spoken in Russian. The title of the feature is “Messenger from the people”. If any of you are in that part of the world, perhaps you can get your hands on the magazine and check it out.

Ok, off for now, but I’m back in the blogosphere, so stay tuned.

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13 Responses to “Back from my hiatus”

  1. Mark Olwick Says:

    Welcome back, Mitchell. Congratulations on your success with Corbis and I can’t wait to read the new eBook. The others have been wonderful.


  2. Karine Ardault Says:

    Nice to see you are back online! Congratulations for signing with Corbis.
    Cannot wait to see what you are working on.

  3. Marc-André Says:

    Good to see you back on the blogosphere, buddy.

  4. Julien Dorol Says:

    I was just about to call the FBI to get you back on the blogsphere !!!! happy to hear from you.

    As you said, I wonder how those crazy bloggers can publish posts every day with good content and manage other works aside. I’m just trying…trying.

    Congrats for your new contract.

  5. Marco Ryan Says:

    Welcome back.
    Exciting developments your end.

    I feel kind of guilty…as I didn’t tell you before…You don’t know this but you were a large part of the inspiration behind – which launched last week. So thank you. If we can help “repay” that inspiration, just get in touch.

    Good to have you back !

  6. Serge Van Cauwenbergh Says:

    Glad to here you’re still around! Welcome back. I enjoyed your previous eBooks so I’m really looking forward to your new eBook.

  7. Erin Wilson Says:

    Really looking forward to your eBook, Mitchell. And of course, more stories of your own travels + shooting.

  8. Jacob Says:

    Its nice to hear what you have been working on for the past few months Mitchell. Congrats on Corbis and your new ebook! I can’t wait to get a copy.

  9. Cyar Says:

    glad to hear you’re back and big congrats for all the news.
    you are a continual source of inspiration

  10. Mitchell Says:

    Thanks a lot for the comments and the tweets, wonderful people! 🙂

  11. Mitchell Says:

    Thanks for the comment Marco. I’m not exactly sure how I have inspired your website, but hey, if I did – great. 🙂 Maybe I remember you mentioning something like helping photographers like myself fund their projects or buy gear. I was struggling with cash flow a while back, but I’m glad to report that things have completely turned around for me over the last year. Looks like I’ll be able to shoot what I want with the gear I want for at least the next year or two, so good times have come. 🙂

    No need to “repay” me with anything of course:). If your project succeeds, that will be enough.

    All the best,


  12. Enche Tjin Says:

    Welcome back, and great to hear about your new e-book project with DPS. Please let us know when it is ready.

  13. NicoleB, Egypt Says:

    Even though I’m a First-timer here: Welcome back and Congrats on the success!
    I just downloaded the e-book.
    Am usually not much of a book reader (I get sidetracked too easy), but you writing and the photos have captured me right away.
    I think I will be able to finish this book and learn a few things I wanted to learn since quite a while 😉
    Best wishes from sunny Sinai

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