5 Great Photography Podcasts

Whenever I do a lot of post processing work in front of the computer monitor I tend to go a little insane, by a lot I mean something like 10 hours a day for a couple of weeks straight. I’m sure that I’m not the only one on whom this has an “adverse” affect.

To minimize the “pain” I often listen to music, but I feel that a more productive thing to do is to listen to certain podcasts, specifically podcasts that relate to the industry which I am a part of. I already mentioned a few months back that I listen to a lot of tech podcasts, which are all very relevant and keep me in the loop, as far as what I need to pay attention to. Through these I know what new technological developments may either make my life easier as a photographer (and now as an eBook writer) or what new developments are game changers and need to be considered in order to keep growing. (think iPad)

Of course the great thing about Podcasts is that you can listen to them while doing other work, you absorb information and often learn new things without losing time. And so without further-a-do I  want to mention 5 podcasts which are very relevant to almost anyone working in the photography industry or wanting to make a living in it. The podcasts are not ranked from best to worst, but rather alphabetically.

Note: I haven’t figured out how to link these directly to iTunes, so you’ll have to search for these podcasts within iTunes yourselves.


Matt Brandon’s “Depth of Field” is without a doubt one of my favorites. Most of his guests are professional photographers with a lot of wisdom to offer to the listener. I love his casual interviewing style and the fact that he often asks the less typical questions. Matt also doesn’t just agree and play along with the people he interviews, but frequently questions them (without coming off as overly critical) and this generates interesting discussions. In short – great stuff in this podcast!


“F-Stop Beyond” has been a solid podcast for some time now, it’s been renamed to “F-Stop Beyond – The Experience” and it seems like the quality will remain high. There are some successful, big name photographers from various parts of the industry that make appearances on this podcast. I feel that it’s always valuable listening to anyone who has succeeded at something that I’m interested in, so “F-Stop Beyond” is definitely in my iTunes library.


Brooks Jensen’s “Lenswork” podcasts are an extension of Brooks’ beautiful photographic magazine of the same name. The podcasts are monologues of Brooks’ thoughts on photography, the creative process and random things in life that offer valuable lessons to any creatives. While listening to one man speak his mind is not everyone’s cup of tea, I love listening to Brooks’ stuff. For any aspiring photographers in particular there’s a whole lot of wisdom in what the man says.


“The Candid Frame” is a podcast by Ibarionex R. Perello. It’s similar to “F-Stop Beyond” except that I feel that Ibarionex often digs a little deeper and reveals more of the inner world of the photographers he interviews. This is sometimes really fascinating and beneficial to the listener, as those who are particularly keen will learn a lot from hearing what drives and inspires some of the world’s most interesting and successful photographers.


“This Week in Photography” of “TWiP” is another favorite of mine. The podcast is hosted by Frederick Van Johnson and a panel of a few photographers (they sometimes change quite often). The focus of this show is on the photography industry, the panel discusses the latest news, developments, talks about gear and there’s usually an interesting and often very eye-opening and insightful interview with a pro photographer or someone from the industry. For those who are working in the photo industry, this podcast is an absolute must.

Well, that’s all for now folks. If you have any other great photography podcasts to suggest, please do so.

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10 Responses to “5 Great Photography Podcasts”

  1. Tyler Wainright Says:

    I’ve heard of a couple of these so thanks for mentioning the new ones. I need to find more time to listen to podcasts – they’re much easier to absorb than a 1,000+ word article.

  2. Bill Schaefer Says:

    I really like Lens Flare 35 too: http://www.lensflare35.com

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks! I’m also a huge fan of Folio Podcast. I’ll be checking out the others!

  4. Cathy Says:

    Thanks for the links. I’ve only been listening to the Depth of Field podcasts – albeit somewhat obsessively! – so I think it’s time to branch out.

  5. Jacob Maentz Says:

    Thanks Mitchell for the resource. I listen to TWiP and Depth of Field although I don’t stay up-to-date with the episodes. Music sometimes gets old after a few hours of editing, but mixing in some podcasts is a great idea and will keep things fresh I’m sure.

  6. Kirk Decker Says:

    The Candid Frame and Depth of Field are excellent.
    I also like, The Image Doctors. It’s Nikon centric, and gear orientated, but frequently very good.
    LightSource Studio Photography Podcast features interviews with a different photographer every other week, or so.

  7. Eric Chan Says:

    Hi, first of all thank you for the information. I started to be interested in photography in my freshman year of university and now I am almost graduating. Here I have a question which I still struggle with when taking a portrait photo: how do you approach people. I have encountered a few cases when I glimpse opportunities of a great shot but just become embarrassed to ask…Could you share your experience with me? Thank you

  8. Richard F Says:

    These podcasts exist outside of iTunes as well, you could link to those instead 😉

    Depth of Field – http://www.thedigitaltrekker.com/category/depth-of-field/
    F-Stop Beyond – http://fstopbeyond.tv/category/fsbradio/
    LensWork – http://www.lenswork.com/lensworkpodcast1-1.htm
    The Candid Frame – http://thecandidframe.blogspot.com/
    TWiP – http://www.twiplog.com/

  9. Mitchell Says:

    Thanks for that Richard!

  10. Trudy Says:

    You’re missing New Media Photographer. That podcast rocks. It’s the only one I listen to more consistently, other than Tiesto’s, which isn’t photography. Hehe. Great list though.

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