Into unchartered territory


I’ve well and truly settled back into the “other” world in which I sometimes live. That is the world of editing and post processing images, staring at the computer for over 10 hours a day and generally not getting out much, except to walk my dog, to whom I’m thankful for giving me a reason to do at least that much. 

Thankfully I will be hitting the road in a couple of weeks. A few twists and turns have led me to decide to travel to the Philippines. If all goes right, I’m supposed to do a seminar (or a few of them) on travel photography at one or maybe even a few photo clubs there. Originally I planned for this trip to last a couple of weeks en-route to India, but as I’m not easily satisfied with a short amount of time at a destination and love to “dig” deeper, as much below the surface as I can, I’ll most likely end up spending about four months exploring the country on a motorcycle (again if everything goes right).

My recent trip to Vanuatu reminded me of just how exhilarating it is to explore “unchartered” territory. I hope the Philippines will provide more of this exhilaration. There’s also a part of me which wants a new challenge, which wants to grow and to evolve  as a photographer and though India certainly isn’t short of opportunities for growth in that sense, I feel that over the years it’s become too much of a comfort zone, it’s time to see what else is out there, at least for now.

So, anyone in the Philippines who reads this blog, feel free to contact me here or via the email (on the website) and perhaps we can meet up, hang out and pick each other’s brains.


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13 Responses to “Into unchartered territory”

  1. Mark Olwick Says:

    Too bad it’s not in Fall 2011 or I’d have loved to join you for part of it.

    Be careful in the Phillippines – there are some very dangerous areas.


  2. Jeffrey Chapman Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you uncover in the Philippines.

  3. bunsongpayat Says:

    Wow, im from Philippines! When will you be going here? And when and where is your seminar? I would love to attend and hope to meet you to learn travel photography more. I have always admire your works.

    Explore our cities and the provinces, bet you’re going to enjoy another “unchartered” territory if you’ll visit the provinces we have. There are so much richness in our culture in these provinces. =)

  4. Yvette Garcia Says:

    wow! you’re coming here in the Philippines. I hope we can meet you here in Manila and could exchange some ideas especially it will be a privileged to learn new things from you…

    Enjoy your stay here…=) Take care…

  5. Craig Ferguson Says:

    Looking forward to seeing what images you get. I’m only a couple hours from the Philippines but have never been there and know pretty much nothing about the place.

  6. Mitchell Says:

    I’ll be in Manilla from Nov 23rd to at least the Nov 28th. So if anyone’s around during that time – drop me a line. No idea yet where I’ll be between after then and early Feb, but in early Feb I’ll mostly likely be doing the seminar in Tacloban, Leyte.

  7. A.g. De Mesa Says:

    Hello Sir Mitchell!
    Welcome to the Philippines!

    Hopefully you’ve been to certain spots around the Metro like the City of Manila or Intramuros.
    But if you want to go off the beaten track, try looking into the province of Rizal which is around 30mins. away from Metro Manila.

    Most of the places there aren’t really visited by most tourists

    Hope you are having fun! Looking forward to seeing your photographs!


  8. Arnold M. Wilson Says:

    The Phillipines are really great! There are so many things to see and to enjoy! It will be interesting to see the photos!

  9. denis Says:

    Hi Mitchell.

    i am starting up a travel magazine called “Globetrotter” rite now i am in the process of collecting data and information for my 1st edition…

    i want to feature this blog on my website u when we launch it this march. if i have your permission.


  10. Shasha Molly Says:

    hi nice blog,,but im already visit there,now im planning to visit rather than Cambodia or Vietnam next 2 months, does anyone know how to apply visa? I’m google around and came across, does anyone try this website before? Is it reliable?

  11. Mitchell « coolblogblog Says:

    […] The crazy, frustrating world of ours […]

  12. Mona Says:

    very nice blog i like it so much

  13. creativedesignsblog Says:

    Brilliant use of the natural elements.. Love this blog and photo.

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