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New Begginings

December 6, 2008

view-of-bundiIt is time for another good-bye. This time to Bundi – a great little town and possibly my favorite area in all of India. Now we are probably somewhere on the way (this is getting posted automatically) to Ujjain – a Hindu pilgrimage town in Madhya Pradesh, over 400km south of Bundi. It is also time for me to start focusing again on my photography, to start seeking out subjects and stories. The plan is to go all the way to the far south, over 2000km, to the state of Kerala, known as “God’s Country” for its amazing natural beauty. On the way to “God’s Country” I want to stop at a few places – Nasik, Pune, Kolhapur and towns on the coast of Maharashtra. I’m curious in seeing and possibly photographing some of the things I have heard about in the area. Kolhapur is famous for Kusti, (ancient type of wrestling) I am aware of the ritualistic art form of Theyyam in Kerala and the buffalo races in Karnataka. This sort of stuff potentially makes for interesting photography. If any of the readers live somewhere on the way, are passionate about their area and eager to see some of the better or lesser-known stories told through photos in a positive way, then feel free to contact me with any info or meet me for lunch or chai in your city/town. Not looking for guides, just people with similar interests.